module Markup_lwt: sig .. end
Lwt interface to

The majority of the functions in this interface are listed in the signature ASYNCHRONOUS, and are not directly included on this page. There are also additional Lwt functions in module Markup_lwt_unix. Those are based on Lwt_io, and have been separated to make this module Markup_lwt usable on js_of_ocaml, which does not support Lwt_io.

This module is available if is installed when Lwt is installed, i.e.

opam install lwt markup

To link with this module, depend on the findlib package markup.lwt instead of package markup.

include ASYNCHRONOUS with type 'a io = 'a Lwt.t
val lwt_stream : 'a Lwt_stream.t -> ('a, async) stream
Adapts an Lwt stream to a stream.
val to_lwt_stream : ('a, 'b) stream -> 'a Lwt_stream.t
Adapts a stream to an Lwt stream.
val ensure_tail_calls : ?hook:(exn -> unit) Pervasives.ref -> unit -> unit
Deprecated.Not necessary since 0.7.4.