Module Luv.Loop

Event loops.

See Event loops in the user guide and uv_loop_tEvent loop in libuv.

type t = Luv_c_types.Loop.t Ctypes.ptr

Binds uv_loop_t.

module Run_mode : sig ... end
val run : ?loop:t -> ?mode:Run_mode.t -> unit -> bool

Runs an event loop.

Binds uv_run.

If ?loop is specified, the given loop will be run. If not, this function will run Luv.Loop.default, which is suitable for most cases.

See uv_run for the meaning of the constants that can be specified with ?mode. The default value is `DEFAULT.

Again, see uv_run for information on the return value. Zero from uv_run corresponds to false from, and non-zero corresponds to true.

This function typically should not be called by a library based on Luv. Rather, it should be called by applications.

val stop : t -> unit

Stops an event loop.

Binds uv_stop.

val default : unit -> t

Returns the default event loop.

Binds uv_default_loop.

val init : unit -> (t, Error.t) Stdlib.result

Allocates and initializes a new event loop.

Binds uv_loop_init.

val close : t -> (unit, Error.t) Stdlib.result

Releases resources associated with an event loop.

Binds uv_loop_close.

val now : t -> Unsigned.UInt64.t

Returns the cached loop timestamp.

Binds uv_now.

val update_time : t -> unit

Updates the cached loop timestamp.

Binds uv_update_time.

module Option : sig ... end
val configure : t -> 'value Option.t -> 'value -> (unit, Error.t) Stdlib.result

Sets a loop option.

Binds uv_loop_configure.

val alive : t -> bool

Indicates whether the loop is monitoring any activity.

Binds uv_loop_alive.

val backend_fd : t -> int option

Returns the file descriptor used for I/O polling.

Binds uv_backend_fd.

val backend_timeout : t -> int option

Returns the timeout used with I/O polling.

Binds uv_backend_timeout.

val fork : t -> (unit, Error.t) Stdlib.result

Reinitializes libuv after a call to fork(2).

Binds uv_loop_fork.

Requires libuv 1.12.0.

Feature check: Luv.Require.(has loop_fork)

val library_shutdown : unit -> unit

Releases any state libuv is holding on to.

Binds uv_library_shutdown.

Note especially the warnings in the libuv documentation of this function.

Requiers Luv 0.5.3 and libuv 1.38.0.

Feature check: Luv.Require.(has library_shutdown)